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LA Rescues: Kaila | Part I

The Story of Kaila | Part I Nothing tugs at my heartstrings more than a “Lost Dog” poster. While most posters of the sort that I come across are usually tacked to wooden power-lines or taped to cement lampposts, peeling and weather-worn, I am…

March 10, 2016

LA Rescues: Joffre

No vacation in the west coast would be complete without a proper road trip through the mountains and so that’s what my friend and I set out to embark upon during my final few days in B.C. We created a general route for the…

October 9, 2015

That Fated Day

The Story of Chiquita | Part I She walked into my life that day and changed it forever… It seemed like any other regular day to me during that time in my life; an afternoon to be spent lazing about in the hot tropical…

August 8, 2015