Flea Market Wandering

August 21, 2015

Looking for a fun leisurely outing for you and your pup before summer wraps up? We suggest checking out a local flea market. While normally dogs and fleas are not an ideal combo, don’t let the old-timey moniker for this type of bazaar chase you away!Β An outdoor location on a warm sunny day with space to roam and meander through the vendors makes for a great day date with your dog.

We recently spent an afternoon at the very dog-friendly Leslieville Flea Market in Toronto, wandering through the booths, perusing up-cycled goods and clothing, vegan cosmetics and organic food, and seeking out any pet-specific goodies we could find. Chiquita was in heaven sniffing all of the interesting scents and I, of course, lusting over all of the cute vintage wares.

I was unsure if Chiquita’s dislike for curb furniture would carry over into this setting, yet she didn’t seem to be startled by most of the old goods set up about the market. The only pieces that gave her a fright were a set of hair cutting mannequin heads propped on the ground in front of one vendor’s booth. She approached them apprehensively and when her curious sniffing snout nudged one, moving it slightly, she nearly jumped out of her fur and proceeded to bark at it incessantly, giving me a good chuckle.

See our adventures strolling through the market, along with some of our favourite goods and vendors.


Just choosing the next spot on the globe to travel to.


Citizen Canine pet shampoo from The Sudsatorium combines baking soda and beer (what?!) to battle those dirty doggy odours.


Selection from The Sudsatorium. All products are fair trade, organic, vegan, and cruelty-free.


The Sudsatorium’s colourful and fun selection of soaps.


This dog shampoo cools with aloe, prevents itchiness with oats, heals with tea tree, and calms with rosebuds. Gives good reason to get dirty to get clean!


Interrupted her quality stick chewing time by asking her to smile for a photo.


Chiquita sniffing out my cactus fruit and lychee treat from Augie’s Gourmet Ice Pop.


Treats are always best when shared.


Cute doggy print by Snapture This.


Could the Ashbridge Estate be a more perfect backdrop for the flea?


Taking a break from the action and trying to find some shade from the hot sun.

Featured vendors:

The Sudsatorium

Augie’s Gourmet Ice Pops

Snapture This