On The Run [Series]

August 17, 2015

Running Series | Part I

Chiquita loves to run. It has been instilled in her since our early days together living in Costa Rica. During our walks down the long stretches of sandy beaches, she’d often tear away from me, happy to lead the way, feet splashing where the waves rolled in and the look of a mad dog in her eyes. Whether at the beach, in the park, or exploring new trails, Chiquita is always braced to break away. In fact, most of her favourite activities involve running – stalking squirrels, terrorizing neighbourhood cats, and chasing iguanas. Standing back and watching her do her thing, it’s obvious; she’s a natural runner.

Unfortunately, I can’t quite say the same for myself. My passion for running was not instilled or natural. Or even nurtured. I was never particularly athletic growing up. I dabbled in sports, but none of them really interested me, nor did I enjoy the competitive nature of most team sports. I didn’t care to attempt to beat or be better than others. Occasionally over the years, I’d go for a run, usually when I was stressed or upset and needed to burn off some negative energy. And so running – despite being satisfying during those bouts – held a negative connotation to me for the longest time.

Less than a year ago, however, all of those feelings changed. I had the opportunity to work a number of marketing activations for athletic-wear manufacturing company Nike. In doing so, had the chance to meet and interact with runners of all experience levels, from the ‘I’ve barely broken in my first pair of running shoes,’ to the ‘Want to check out my runner’s black toe from the dozen races I’ve done this year?’ All of them shared the same passion for running and this inspired my desire to slip into a pair of Lunars to hit the pavement myself.

I knew I wouldn’t be going about the foray into becoming a runner alone though, and who better to both accompany and pace me than my running-enthusiast pup? After all, a high energy dog like her definitely needed to exercise and running was surely the best way to get it.

Over the course of this series, I will share personal anecdotes from my experiences running with Chiquita, provide tips from my vet for ensuring the health, safety, and well-being of your dog while running, and discuss the different types of pet running gear available for the ease and comfort of both you and your dog.

Stay tuned for Part II coming soon to the blog!


All athletic gear: Nike

Chiquita’s “Beyond Control Leash”: Canine Equipment




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