The Rich Coast

August 12, 2015

A collection of memories from Costa Rica. Because when you can’t travel physically, you may as well do it mentally.


CostaRica7From the day I knew we’d be sticking it out together forever.


CostaRica12The crash and roll of the breaking waves. The soft, sweet sound of the milky foam that follows, tickling ears while bobbing about in the sea, weightless. Thrown to the shore with each set and pulled right back in with the current. One of my favourite feelings.


CostaRica11I’ve always been a gatherer of all things beautiful, albeit useless; sea-worn shells and remnants of coral, stones and pebbles in various colours, in combinations so unique they almost seem synthetic. That kind of beauty only exists in nature.


CostaRica14Waking up at 5 a.m. had never been so appealing until this was the view.


CostaRica5AWe spent many rainy afternoons during green season snuggling in bed with books and coffee. This jungle casa will forever be my favourite of rental homes, even despite the scorpion that roomed with us for a time.


CostaRica10Man o’ war. The stealthiest enemy while surfing and swimming which you’d never see coming.


CostaRica6The ocean sunset; the pink, peach, and coral sun rays amix the azul, periwinkle, and mauve sky, shining through the clouds, soft as feathers.


CostaRica21AThe explorer herself, trying not to get washed away during hide-tide strolls along the beach.


CostaRica15Rocamar Beach Bar. The second home and with a set up like this, how could it not be?




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